Custom 2000 Kh/sec litecoin mining rigs for sale

Sorry, I no longer sell pre-built rigs. Leaving the page up for previous customers that need to access their setup instructions.

Don’t have the time to follow my guide and build your own rig? Still want to get into litecoin/cryptocurrency mining? You’re in luck—I’m now offering custom-built mining rigs for sale!

What you get

You receive a completely assembled, fully-configured and tested litecoin mining rig (scroll down for example photo). All you need to do is plug it in and press the power button. The rig will start mining automatically (I’ll contact you for your mining pool information before shipping and pre-configure cgminer for you). Absolutely no knowledge of hardware or software is required.

Everything is assembled into a custom plastic crate that includes a power button and LED. Dummy plugs for the GPUs are also included when required.

The video cards will be flashed with a custom BIOS that lowers power consumption below stock levels to ensure that the rig is as efficient as possible (the cards have dual BIOS, so you can return them to the stock settings by flipping a switch, if desired). This is not covered in my guide simply because I’m afraid that people will brick their GPUs and blame me (please don’t ask me—the method requires using a hex editor to modify your BIOS by hand and isn’t as simple as me sending you something).

These rigs will get approximately 2000 Kh/sec during mining while drawing about 750 watts at the wall. The rigs require no external cooling (assuming that the ambient room temperature is within the normal range of human comfort). Size-wise, they’re built in 18″ x 12″ x 12″ crates and weigh approximately 15 pounds.

Hardware brands will vary from rig to rig, based on what is available. Every rig will all be within 5% of 2000 Kh/sec and 750 watts at the wall.

Important update 11/24/2013: My top 7950 GPU choices are pretty much no longer available anywhere. The video cards that I’m currently using in my custom rigs are still excellent for mining, but they’re 3-5% slower than the GPUs that are no longer available. Therefore, you can expect performance that is within 5% of 1920 Kh/sec (not 2000 Kh/sec). Practically speaking, the difference won’t amount to much in the real world, but I just want to make sure that expectations are set accordingly. It’s likely that within a week or two, there won’t be any suitable Radeon 7950 video cards available at all, and I’ll need to switch over to the inferior new R9 280X cards.

What you DON’T get

I do not provide a warranty on the hardware. All of the components should be covered by manufacturer warranties, though. In the event of a hardware failure, you’ll need to deal directly with the manufacturer for a replacement.

No monitor, keyboard, or mouse is included. The rigs do not require them and are meant to be managed remotely (instructions will be provided with your purchase).

You also don’t get overnight delivery. I don’t (usually) stock hardware, so anticipate a 10 day lead time (check the current estimate next to the “buy” button at the bottom of the page) after payment before I ship the rig to you. This allows me enough time to purchase the necessary components, assemble and configure everything, test the rig for 24 hours, and then package it for delivery.

Given the custom nature of these rigs, there are absolutely no returns. Please make sure that you actually want one before ordering!

How this works

If you’re interested in purchasing a rig, simply press the button below to place an order via Paypal. I’ll contact you shortly afterwards to confirm the order and get your mining pool information.

Expect up to 10 days (check the current lead time estimate below) before I’m ready to ship your completed rig, although I expect that most will be out the door in about a week. I’ll provide a tracking number with all shipments.

I’ll also follow up via email shortly after delivery has been confirmed to make sure that your rig is working and answer any questions that you might have.

Please make sure that your Paypal email address is accurate when purchasing a rig. I will use this address to contact you very shortly after payment. If I cannot reach you, I will not fulfill your order and will instead refund your purchase price. Several people have tried to scam me, and being able to verify a few things before I build and ship an expensive mining rig gives me some peace of mind. Alternatively, you can contact me directly after submitting payment to open a dialog that way.

Buy a mining rig!

Ready to buy? Simply click the “buy now” button below.

Current lead time (your rig will ship within this timeframe): 14 days

Sorry, not currently taking orders due to overwhelming volume. Check back in a few days.

Continental US buyers only, please—the rigs are fairly large and heavy, and international shipping costs would be prohibitive.

If you want multiple rigs, have a special request, and/or have questions, you can contact me here.

If you’ve already purchased a rig, please click here for your unpacking, setup, and management instructions.

Custom litecoin mining rig for sale

An example 2000 Kh/sec litecoin mining rig. Power button and LED are visible in the nearest corner of the crate. Cables are neatly tied, and all hardware is secured in place. Yours may differ slightly in appearance and hardware, but will perform as specified (click to enlarge).