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WeMineLTC litecoin pool possibly underpaying miners

If you use WeMineLTC as your litecoin mining pool, you should take a careful look at your earnings. There have been an increasing number of reports from miners that the pool is underpaying by ~30%, either because the operators are intentionally skimming, or because the pool is misconfigured. You can read more in this Reddit thread, or here on the Bitcointalk forums.

I have never used WeMineLTC, so I can’t comment personally. Mining pool scams certainly aren’t unheard of, so regardless of which pool you choose, make sure to keep an eye on your earnings to ensure that they’re in line with expectation (don’t forget to account for the pool’s fee, any pool or miner downtime, and internet latency).

Update 5/29: Apparently there was a vulnerability in WeMineLTC’s pool code that was exploited by some users to steal coins. It has been patched as of today.