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Beware of fake Mt. Gox phishing sites

BTCRecently, a host of phishing sites that spoof the look of Mt. Gox have been showing up in ads from major advertising providers. The operators of these scam sites aim to trick visitors into downloading malware which enables them to steal your Mt. Gox login credentials, so they can then pilfer your account.

Nelp Net Security has some more information, including this snippet:

The fake pages were set up on domains that resembled Mt. Gox’s legitimate one (mtgox.com), such as mtgox.org, mtgox.co.uk, mtgox.net, and others. Also, the criminals have done a good job promoting the phishing site via ads (“New Century Gold: BITCOIN Protect your money – Buy Bitcoin”) served by several major online advertising services.

As always, whenever you visit a financial site (or any website dealing in sensitive information), make certain that the URL in your browser bar matches the one that you intended to visit.

Notroll.in mining pool operator trolls users; steals their litecoins

Troll FaceIf you’re currently using notroll.in as your litecoin mining pool, and you’re not aware of the extreme shadiness that went down there last week, you may want to read on. In fact, even if you don’t use notroll.in, it’s important to be aware of the fact that some of the mining pools out there are run by dishonest operators looking to scam you. Don’t treat mining pools like banks: cash out often, and scrutinize activity to make sure that you’re not being cheated.