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CryptoBadger’s custom mining rigs for sale!

Several of you have contacted me to ask about buying pre-assembled mining rigs over the past couple months. Some people don’t have the time and/or confidence to¬†build their own, and would rather buy something that they can just plug in and have work so they can get into mining without the potential installation headaches.

Up until today, I’ve been telling people that I’m not in the business of selling mining rigs. After doing a bit of research on the options available for people that want to buy a pre-built mining rigs (it’s not pretty: expensive and underperforming 7970-based rigs, rigs that require external cooling, rigs that use ridiculous amounts of power, etc), I’ve decided to give it a try and see how it goes.

I expect the vast majority of you will be better served by reading my guide on how to build your own rig. But for those of you with more money than time and/or extreme technophobia, you’re welcome to take a look at what I’m offering.