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CNN asks: can Bitcoin replace Paypal?

bitcoinCNN currently has a front page story up that asks whether or not Bitcoin will eventually replace Paypal.

Interesting timing, as earlier today CNET ran a short piece in which Paypal president David Marcus expressed his enthusiasm for Bitcoin, and admitted that he even owns some.

Marcus seems to get Bitcoin. My guess is that Paypal will figure out how to work cryptocurrency into their business model at some point down the road when the wild swings in value calm down—perhaps acting as a trusted online wallet and/or escrow service.

CNET: Bitcoin is the future of money

BitcoinCNET posted an opinion piece on Bitcoin today that delivers a positive outlook on the future of cryptocurrency. While there are a couple minor misconceptions in the article, it’s always nice to see good press on digital currency in mainstream news. A snippet:

Crypto-currency is a certifiable Pretty Big Deal. The Facebook antagonists otherwise known as the Winklevoss twins have amassed huge sums of Bitcoin; it’s minting its own millionaires (in real dollars); and an increasing number of global citizens consider Bitcoin a better investment than Wall Street these days.

Somebody should probably tell the author that the US dollars in her pocket haven’t been backed by gold in over 40 years, though.