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CGWatcher: A watchdog for cgminer

CGWatcherEver wish that you could keep an eye on your miners 24/7? Maybe you’ve had cgminer inexplicably stop mining in the past, or you’re currently testing out settings that you’re not sure are stable—whatever the reason, it’d be nice if you immediately knew about issues that required a cgminer restart.

Enter CGWatcher, a tool that will keep an eye on cgminer for you. CGWatcher monitors several cgminer outputs, and will automatically restart cgminer whenever an issue is detected (e.g.: a dead/sick GPU, no submitted shares for the past x minutes, hashrate below a set threshold, etc).

It’s a great little tool, and I highly recommend it—especially if you don’t have your miners at a point where they’re completely stable yet. You can read more about CGWatcher (and download it) at the author’s website.