Thanks for the donations! =)

Thanks for being awesome!

Want to buy CryptoBadger a beer? Donations are accepted and appreciated at any of these wallet addresses:

Bitcoin:  1DpnANRtMDPe8jG3FXfkyczLFevM94Yjxv
Litecoin:  LPuwBa3LbZZzcJaR3kEsGDBivAoc64fPUr
Ethereum: 0x32FD4a5DF96Af70b0D4644Cf4dce44cFc988BEE4

Thank you! =)

26 Responses to Donations

  1. phillin says:

    I just sent you 2.00123LTC to thank you for the great guide. Thank you so much.

  2. engine44 says:

    Thanks for this tutorial and all the help. It’s the best out there. I just sent 1 litecoin your way.

  3. ezpacer says:

    CryptoB, Thanks for the intensive care and personal guidance to me and each of your students. Just now sent you the remaining 8 LTC of the 10 I promised in return for your outstanding guide and help. Am now installing the 2nd and 3rd sapphire 7950’s and excited to see what the future does for litecoin. Best Regards, Glenn

  4. Benny says:

    Cheers! More to come…

  5. darkpsy says:

    i sent you something, and thanks for the guides.

  6. maied says:

    Thanks for your guide. I ended up getting 2 Radeon r9 290x cards and didn’t use milk crates, but otherwise I followed your guide. Of course some settings are different for these cards, but your guide provided a great framework to start from. You have done a great service to the cyrptocurrency community. I am now happily mining digitalcoins at around 1900k/hash.

    Thank you again. I sent you 0.05 litecoins, my first-fruits 🙂 Not much, but I wanted to show my appreciation somehow.


  7. SockMunkee says:

    Thanks for the well written guides, CryptoBadger! I urge all my fellow NEWBS to send a little something and don’t be cheap! Good karma is strong and positive! I sent you some mula, I wish I could send you more…and more!


  8. J says:

    You guides are amazing! I do need a little more help. If you send me an email response I have some questions that just seemed way to long for the forum.

    By the way this newbie would have never gotten anywhere without your guides. Sent you a LTC for a beer.

  9. Sameer says:

    Thanks for the help with undervolting, etc..
    donation sent

  10. John Gardner says:

    Thank you for the guide – I’m sending you my first LTC from it. Many Thanks!

  11. bart says:

    Just send you 10% of my first LTC! There will be more 🙂 Thanks!

  12. Charles says:

    just bought you a beer. thanks for your help and your website . . .

  13. Jeff says:

    Just sent ya some beer money. Thanks for the work on the website, very helpful.

  14. Matt says:

    Love your guides. They are very useful.
    Do you have a siacoin address we can send some coin to?

  15. Zelda says:

    Just sent some Ethereum beer money your way. Appreciate the great resource you’ve created here. Happy mining!

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