My Ethereum Mining Guide has been updated

Just a quick note that I finally sat down and updated the hardware, Linux, and Windows sections of my Ethereum mining guide today, bringing everything up-to-date with current best practices.

The Linux setup guide especially deserves your attention if you set up your own rig in the recent past and have noticed a slow degradation in speed over time as the Ethereum DAG file has grown in size. The guide now uses the recently-released (for Linux anyway) AMD blockchain compute drivers, along with the latest version of Claymore’s miner, which should bring your rig back up to its original speed (my own quad GPU rig had degraded down to ~80 MH/s since May, after installation I’m back up to ~110 MH/sec).

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  1. Barry Scott says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I thought I was just stuck accepting lower hash rates as the epoch increased. As soon as gdax allows bitcoins transfers again, you’ll have enough to cover a trip or two to Starbucks.

    One issue I’m having is upgrading Claymore. Often after I do so, I get the error message of “Failed to set new fan speed, check if miner has root access!”. I get this about half the time I upgrade, and the only way I’ve fixed it is just deleting everything out, and follwing your instructions again. But sometimes that doesn’t even work.

    Any idea what I’m missing/skipping/screwing up that causes that error message?

  2. Felix says:

    Hi. How would an old 3x GPU (Sapphire HD7950), 2013 LTC mining rig fair mining ETH? Possible? Profitable?


    • CryptoBadger says:

      Yup, quite a few people still run old 7950s in rigs today. I believe the 7950 should get about 15 MH/sec or so – about half of what a well-configured RX 570/580 produces. Whether or not that’s profitable depends on how much you pay for electricity, but unless your rate is absurdly low (or free), it’s probably a break-even venture at best due to the high power consumption of the 7950 compared to more modern GPUs.

      The good news is that if you still have all of the hardware from your 2013 LTC rig, everything will work just fine today if you decide to spring for updated GPUs. 7950s still go for about $100 on the secondary market, so if you sell your old cards, the cost to upgrade to a few RX 570s should be relatively minimal.

  3. deadman.walking says:

    Just are assembling a new miner, and look that you have updated the guide, it rocks!!!!

  4. Adam says:

    Great work as always! Just wanted to check the wallet argument you mention in the windows setup batch file. After the address you have a / before the miner name. Should this be a “.”?

  5. Mike says:

    Yo What up CB quick question do you think RX 480/580 is still the way to go? 4GB or 8GB for bigger DAG? Big thanks dude

    • CryptoBadger says:

      The RX 4xx/5xx are still top performers if you’re willing to perform GPU BIOS modifications (which I cover in step 4 of my guide). nVidia’s 1060/1070 cards are also excellent for mining, and require less work to configure optimally (no BIOS fussing). If you’re comfortable around PCs and want to squeeze every ounce of performance out of your rig at the best price/power-to-hashrate ratio, the AMD cards are still best. But the difference is pretty minor – it’s probably best to grab whatever is available at the best price.

      The 4GB DAG limitation is still almost two years away, and that’s if ETH doesn’t switch to proof-of-stake before then. I wouldn’t worry about getting 8GB cards unless the price is attractive.

  6. Nolix says:

    Thanks for the guide! Very helpfull! One question: my AMD RX560 videocard stops mining if i disconnect my screen from my computer. The GPU goes from 13.2 Mh/s to 0.0 mh/s I think this will be some kind of setting, but cant find it anywhere. Any advise?

  7. Kanna says:


    Excellent guides you have made.
    I’m thinking of building a rig myself, and reading through different guides. Now that getting GPUs is too difficult how do I choose GPU?

    I want run it a bit silent, have minimum of 3 GPUs to start with.
    Can decide using information about hash rate from Whattomine, does it have absolute achievable maximum hash rate figures?

    Should I even build one?


  8. Robert Stewardson says:

    Siacoin for the win!

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