Global shortage of AMD GPUs due to cryptocurrency mining

If you’re looking to get your hands on an AMD RX 570/580 GPU, you’re probably out of luck—at least for the foreseeable future. News outlets (even mainstream media!) are reporting that AMD GPUs are basically sold out globally due to tremendous demand from cryptocurrency miners. If you’re able to find an AMD RX 470/480/570/580 GPU at all these days, it’ll probably be on the secondary market—where you can expect to pay double or triple retail price.

I initially recommended AMD GPUs in my mining guide because they were much cheaper than nVidia alternatives. But given current market conditions, consider nVidia GPUs if you’re building a mining rig today. A GTX 1070 GPU will roughly match the ETH mining performance of a RX 570/580, and they’re still available to buy at most retailers. Just remember that if you opt for an nVidia GPU and plan to follow my mining guide, you’ll need to install nVidia GPU drivers instead of the AMD ones that I’ve linked!

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  1. Hvalentino says:

    Hi Badger!
    Do you know how to mod nvidia cards?

    • CryptoBadger says:

      I haven’t looked into BIOS modding nVidia GPUs, and honestly I’m not even sure if it’s necessary. I don’t yet own any nVidia cards, but if I can find a deal I may throw an nVidia rig together at some point.

  2. deadman.walking says:

    It’s very frustrating that the main online vendor in Mexico is full of sellers that offer any flavor of RX video card, when asked about existences they just say “sorry, these model sold out, but I have a GTX…”, they publish them just to use as placeholder for their other products, physical stores just don’t know when they gona get the new batch of RX5**… maybe on June 15th, maybe on June 30th… looking at the worldwide shortage, I think as always, Mexico is going to get only 1,000 for all the cryptominers and gamers.
    Amazon and ebay are like the wild west, selling in auction used RX’s for the double that new ones before this boom.
    Backorders are everywhere on specialized computer online shops, but no one is telling exact date of shipment. All this things and the no so far ethereum bubble pop is driving me crazy.

  3. Jones says:

    HI there,

    I’ve been following this site for a while now and finally have a question I would like to ask. Would you know if the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB is a good GPU for mining eth? With this shortage, I found a good deal on a few of these and would like to know if I should go for it. Also has anyone set up any GeForce GTX 1070 on a Linux miner?

    Any insight would be awesome!

  4. Gary says:

    You don’t need to do any bios mods for NVidia cards just install msi afterburner and lower your power limit which will lower the voltage!
    make sure you check off unlock voltage and voltage monitoring under the general tab.

    • Jones says:

      Thanks Gary that is awesome information.

      Sorry for the next noob question, but if I make those changes to the cards on windows box will they transfer over to Linux box?

      • Jack says:

        No they will not. Because thos changes are not stored on the card itself. Those changes are stored within MSI afterburner itself.

    • Marshall says:

      Won’t this reduce the hashrate?

  5. Aaron says:

    Does anyone have a comparison of the hash rates of the GTX 1060 and the GTX 1070?

  6. JJ says:

    Will a mixed rig with rx 580s and gtx 1070s work? Also thanks for this site.

  7. Charles says:

    Would you recommend rx 5xx series or rx 4xx series now? I heard that the increase in ETH dag epoc would make it harder to mine ether using rx 4xx in the future.

  8. Charles says:

    Would you recommend rx 5xx series or rx 4xx series now? I heard that the increase in ETH dag epoc would make it harder to mine ether using rx 4xx in the future.

    • CryptoBadger says:

      If you can get your hands on the RX 470, they’re still the top choice for mining – but they’re nearly impossible to find. The RX 570/580 is nearly as good, but they’re still pretty hard to find. Most people are going with the nVidia GTX 1070 (about the same speed as a RX 470/480/570/580, but a higher retail price), at least until AMD cards come back into stock.

      The increasing DAG size will prevent GPUs with less than 3GB of memory from mining around April of next year. Cards with 4GB of memory will be fine until late 2019.

  9. Johndor says:

    I just buy two r9 295×2. I know it consume a lot of power, but is not a problem the energy for me. What do you recommend me to do? It’s ok if I install each r9 295×2 in differents rig(motherboards) because I live in Argentina and I can’t find any 1500w psu or are very expensive. The hashrate will be the same mining from different computers?
    I still don’t know what pool to choose.

    Excelent web.

  10. hevet says:

    Hello Cryptobadger, what an awsome web.
    If I can get some rx 570 at arround 280€ each do you think it is a good deal? Or it is not a good momment due to ethereum prices and the possibility of new mining-oriented gpus?
    It would be my first mining rig.
    Thanks! 🙂

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