Monthly Archives: November 2014

Get $250 back on $500 worth of purchases at Amazon!

Hi readers, I’ve been busy on a couple projects and consequently MIA the past few months. For those of you still visiting the site, I just thought I’d pass along a deal that seems ridiculously good, just in time for the holiday season: apply for a Chase Freedom Visa card and get $200 + $25 + 25 back ($250 total) after spending $500 at Amazon within 3 months. That amounts to a whopping 50% cash back on your first $500 of purchases, which should give you some extra cash to invest into your cryptocurrency addiction. =)

You can see how the deal breaks down by visiting the application page, but you’ll get $200 just for spending $500 in the first three months. You can make the purchases anywhere, but the card happens to earn you 5% cash back at Amazon this quarter, so that’s an additional $25. And you get an additional $25 when you add an authorized user to the card and they make their first purchase in 3 months.

You need to apply for the card by December 18th, but you have until mid-March to make the $500 in purchases. You can cancel the card without penalty after earning the rewards, of course.