Apologies for the lack of updates

Just a quick note that I’ve been dealing with the death of somebody close to me over the past several weeks, and updates to the site have suffered as a result. I should be able to get back into a semi-regular schedule starting next week. If you’ve sent me a message at any point in the new year, chances are that I haven’t responded to you yet—I’ll do my best to start catching up on email as well.

I have a couple purpose-built custom mining cases here that I’m hoping to get reviews up of soon, for those of you that want something that’s more flexible (and aesthetically appealing!) than a plastic milk crate.

An update to my mining guide for the R9 series of GPUs is still on the horizon as well—I’m still having trouble getting my hands on the more desirable manufacturer brands at prices that don’t sicken me.

Finally, today I updated the cryptocurrency ticker that’s running on my site to pull the BTC quote from Coinbase, given the issues that Mt. Gox has been having. If you’re running a WordPress site and would like the utilize the ticker, you can grab it from the official repository. As of today the ticker also supports displaying quote prices in Euros, in case you’re from across the pond.

Edit: Thanks for the kind words, everyone—they’re much appreciated!

9 Responses to Apologies for the lack of updates

  1. Yosef says:

    Sorry about your loss. I hope you experience good things in the future.

  2. Lachlan says:

    Hi CryptoBadger,
    Sorry for your loss. These things are never easy.
    Thanks for all the hard work on your site. Your guides got me mining and your work here is very much appreciated.

  3. Lachlan says:

    PS: Very, very keen to see these purpose built cases. I’ve not used crates because I’m running mine in the server room at work, and the machines, well, need to look like the other ones for obvious reasons.
    Have had huge trouble keeping anything more than one card in a case cool 🙁 Have even spoken to a sheet metal CnC company about getting a custom case of my own design made up… but worked out ot be pretty costly for 1-2 units. Looking forward to these reviews. Cheers. Lach

  4. ezpacer says:

    Hope the pain of loss fades, but that the good memories continue always. Sorry for the loss to you and to the others connected to him/her. May the life as it was lived be a treasure remembered by all of you.
    Thank you for accepting the gift of life, and for your deep impact to our lives through your inspirational work on this website, on our behalf…
    Best wishes,

  5. Sorry about your loss. Time helps ease the pain.

    We talked a couple weeks ago, I am hoping to get you out a case this week. Would love to go head to head with other case builders. Everyone loves a shootout review! We are confident that we make the best mining frames. Look for the brand.



  6. James Warren says:

    Sorry to hear of your loss and thanks for being one of those generous people who share good information of the net.

  7. altcoinmoneybags says:

    Sorry to hear of your loss. You provide a great service here, and you do it out of goodwill for the community. Therefore, you should provide updates at whatever pace you wish! However, I am sure I can speak for everyone and say that we still would like to hear more from you. Looking forward to you next posts.

  8. lodestar says:

    Hi Crypto, just started perusing your site and saw your news about the personal loss. I hope you find peace and tranquility in this difficult time.

  9. MrCipolenio says:

    Sorry for your loss, let us know if we can help you out in any way.

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