Monthly Archives: September 2013

mcxNOW paying out interest on cryptocurrency deposits

Yesterday, mcxNOW—a cryptocurrency exchange supporting Bitcoin, Litecoin, and several other altcoins—started paying its users interest on their digital deposits. The interest rate is variable and dictated by the trading fees collected by the exchange.

It’s an interesting move, and if it’s successful in significantly growing mcxNOW’s user base, you can bet that other exchanges will launch similar programs. Remember that while earning interest on your deposits may feel very bank-like, you’d be wise to treat online exchanges as your own personal cryptocurrency piggy banks at your own risk.

Bitcoin kiosks coming to five Canadian cities

Soon, Canadians will be able to exchange cash for Bitcoins at automated kiosks similar to ATMs. Bitcoiniacs, a Vancouver-based brick-and-mortar bitcoin broker, has ordered five of the kiosks and intends to roll them out across Canada in the coming months. The first machine is expected to land in Vancouver this October.

From the article:

The kiosks allow users to select how much money they would like to spend, insert cash into the machine and then scan a QR code on their phone to transfer the Bitcoins to their wallet. It also allows users to redeem their Bitcoins for cash.