Monthly Archives: August 2013

1000 watt gold-rated modular power supply for $125 after rebate at Amazon

Amazon currently has an excellent deal on a Cooler Master 1000 watt gold-certified fully modular power supply. It’s $125 after a $30 mail-in rebate, which makes it about $75 cheaper than its normal price (new units on eBay typically sell for nearly $200). This PSU is reportedly a re-badged Seasonic and should have no problem providing efficient power to a rig with four undervolted 7950 GPUs (or three full-voltage cards).

Update: Looks like the deal has ended. The rebate is still available, but Amazon has raised the price back to its normal level. Hopefully some of you were able to snag one!

Update: The deal is still valid, although it looks like it’s been pretty popular, with shipping estimates in the 1-2 month range.

Android Bitcoin & Litecoin wallets potentially vulnerable to theft due to coding flaw

Due to a serious flaw in the Java secure random number generator used by many Bitcoin applications on the Android operating system, any wallets generated by Android apps are potentially vulnerable to theft. While the advisory on only mentions Bitcoin, the flawed code is also used in many Android Litecoin wallets, and probably also in whatever wallets exist for the various other cryptocurrencies.

If you have an Android wallet application on your mobile device, I highly recommend that you immediately generate a new address with the appropriate official desktop client (click here for Bitcoin and and here for Litecoin) and send all of your coins there. Do not use a cryptocurrency wallet on the Android OS until you can confirm that the version you’re using has been patched to fix the vulnerability, and discard any previously-generated wallet addresses permanently.

Update 8/12: The BBC has posted an article on the issue.

Update 8/14: And the first confirmed thefts due to the bug are starting to be reported.

Sapphire 7970 GPU $299 after rebate at Amazon

Amazon is currently selling Sapphire 7970 video cards for about the same price as a 7950—$299 after a $20 rebate. While I generally don’t recommend Radeon 7970 GPUs as my top choice for mining due to their higher power consumption and up-front cost compared to the 7950, if you have abnormally cheap electricity or plan to also use your GPUs for other purposes (e.g.: gaming), then this is good deal.

CyberPower 900W Intelligent UPS deal at Amazon

If any of you are looking for a quality UPS & surge protector for your mining rigs, Amazon currently has a deal on a 900 watt CyberPower unit. 900 watts is plenty for a three GPU rig and will give you enough time to cleanly shut down your rig in the event of an outage (the unit is capable of performing the shutdown automatically in both Windows and Linux).

$115 with free shipping (or $95 if you have an Amazon Visa card & use promo code JUL20PER) is pretty much the lowest I’ve seen a 900 watt UPS from a reputable brand, so if you’re in the market this is a good opportunity to grab one!